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Meet Manjari Saha, Founder of Mayur Naturals

After 23 years in the corporate business world, Manjari Saha decided to break free and launch a skincare and beauty company, Mayur Naturals.

On this week’s podcast, Manjari shares her story of how she founded Mayur Naturals. She additionally reveals some of the secrets behind her success and how she has found a way to make products to help regular people, such as herself, restore their skin and hair to the most hydrated and healthy condition.

Manjari discusses her personal struggles with aging and Alopecia areata and how she has made products to overcome these issues without using harmful chemicals. She explains how she has found ingredients that work to create organic, vegan, and gluten-free products.

“I saw how the skincare that I created was making a difference to me. And I really was passionate about bringing that purity to the everyday, average person.”

For anybody considering starting their own business, interested in developing a new product, or wanting to expand a current business, listen to Manjari Saha’s story to get the inspiration you need to follow your dreams and help others!

“It took getting really sick for me to make the choices that I should have probably a while ago. But, I love it! I live my passion every single day. I work extremely long hours but it doesn’t feel like work because I love it so much!”

Learn how Manjari Saha built a major skincare and beauty company from a simple start in her kitchen, find out how she harnesses natural ingredients to help people keep their hair and skin healthy, hear what’s next for her, and much more in this week’s podcast!

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