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Meet Sydney Ortega, Owner and Curator of Simply Placed

On Jackie Zuk’s episode of Becoming NEXTonSCENE™ this week, meet Jackie’s longtime friend and the owner and curator of Simply Placed, a home decor store opening in Beverly, MA, on July 24th.

For anyone feeling stuck in their lives, dissatisfied with their job, or needing a push to go out and follow their dreams, this is the episode for you! Sydney shares her story of how she finally broke away from the corporate world, where she never felt genuinely satisfied, to open her dream store, Simply Placed.

“I started my career in digital marketing. I’ve been in that space for the last ten years, but in my gut I just feel like I wasn’t fulfilled. It wasn’t fulfilling me. I was always left with ‘What’s next? There has got to be something else’.”

After being let go from a previous job and going through a difficult time, Sydney took the time to reassess and evaluate her life.

Sydney said to herself, “Let me pause. Instead of jumping into the next thing, getting that next paycheck, I was like ‘What’s going on here? What do I really want to do?’. And I realized I love home decor, I love organizing. I love talking to people.”

Does Sydney regret her corporate days and waiting to pull the trigger to open her very own store finally? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

“I keep going back to that saying ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ ... Corporate definitely served a purpose in the foundation of all this.”

Sydney shares her gratitude for her past career experiences and their role in her feeling ready and prepared to open her new store!

“Now that I’m opening the store, I realize that everything I learned from my digital marketing background is now translating very very seamlessly into this, which is AMAZING.”

While abandoning a steady income source was a HUGE challenge and decision, Sydney explains the steps she took to commit to following her dreams.

“I have to do this full-time. There was a burning passion and desire in me that I needed to do it. And if I don’t give it my all, it won’t be what I want it to be!”

While COVID-19 has, of course, caused immense difficulties for individuals and small businesses, Sydney sheds light on how the pandemic has allowed her to grow as an individual and become ready to take a new and exciting HUGE step in her life.

“COVID-19 was hard, but I think for me and my story, it was actually good!”

Sydney is now committed to helping all those working from home to ABSOLUTELY LOVE where they live!!!

For all those living around the Beverly, MA area, make sure to attend the grand opening of Simply Placed on July 24th!! And for those not in the area, check out their website when it launches this August!!

Also, make sure to listen to Jackie Zuk’s Marketing Tip of the Week at the beginning of the episode. She explains the importance of reintroducing yourself to your podcasting audience and finding a unique aspect to differentiate yourself amongst others in your industry.

Jackie Zuk also provides the MOTIVATION YOU NEED to get out and do some physical activity for her Self-Care Tip of the Week!

Tune in below!!!


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Instagram: @shop.simplyplaced

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