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Meet the Dad changing LIVES for New Moms !

Today on the podcast we have the fabulous founder of Preg Appetit, Dan Caglione!

This rockstar dad of four started Preg Appetit after seeing what his wife was going through each pregnancy with the four kids.

Dan saw how important it was to his wife to track what she was eating and to make sure she was getting in the right nutrients.

Dan on the podcast also shares some personal nutrition tips he has used on himself to help other dads out there that they're going through the same thing!

Dad's might not have given birth but the lack of sleep and not getting the right nutrients affects them as well!

Through Preg Appetit they are not only registered dietitian approved BUT they also share quick & easy recipes in addition to nutrition tips that showcase how they interact with the mom and baby !

On the podcast we also deep dive into postpartum , discuss his NEWEST recipe book available on Amazon, what the difference is between dietitians and nutritionists and some future goals for how Preg Appetit can help you and your new extending families!

Aren't you ready to get inspired?!

Tune in HERE and now to get inspired!


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