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Meet the FIRST woman to be on Cable Television in America.. Nikki Haskell!

Nikki has really paved the way for SO many women in America!

She not only was the FIRST woman on Cable TV in America, she is a Pop Culture Historian.

"I was fortunate enough to interview some amazing people of course I was the first person to ever interview Donald Trump. I had a great interview with Gene Kelly from Deauville France, Andy Warhol, Roy Cohn. My interview with Madam Marcos I think was my most difficult and most challenging one to get. All of my interviews are available on Amazon prime. Studio 54, Rio de Janeiro, Paris London Beverly Hills. The show went everywhere."

Nikki also had SO many amazing inventions she created! One of the FIRST Diet Pills out in the market Star Caps, wrote her own book The Star Diet, won awards for her artwork, Created fitness products to name a few..

Her newest product on the market: The Star Shooterz for the selfie in you!

You can also read MORE about Nikki in our latest magazine: NEXTonSCENE Magazine®

Today on the podcast we learn so much about Nikki's inspirations, how she has broken the mold for SO many women and much more!

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Facebook: Nikki Haskell

Instagram: @bignikbh

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Top photo in right corner belongs to Nikki Haskell.