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Meet Wellness & Personal Chef who works with Professional Athletes & Beyond

Today on the podcast we are SO honored and excited to introduce you to the fabulous Yvette Taylor! Yvette is a woman of MANY talents and today on the podcast we are so excited to share it ALL WITH YOU!

Yvette is known for being a Wellness & Personal Chef, Culinary Nutrition Expert and Fitness Competitor.

This amazing woman today on the podcast shares how she inspired to become a chef when her mother got diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She wanted to find holistic and nutritious ways to help heal her from the inside out.

She made such a difference for her, she got referred to help and still assists with many other cancer patients, survivors as well.

As Yvette's business continued to grow and also being a fitness competitor for so many years; She fell into the world of becoming a Wellness & Personal Chef to many professional athletes, new parents and BEYOND.

Today we talk about social media trends and DIETS, healthy habits to incorporate into your homes and so much more.

If you aren't already inspired by this amazing woman, now is the TIME!


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Facebook: Yvette Taylor

Instagram: @queenofthepantry

Headshot above photo belong to Yvette Taylor.