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Meeting Rising Fitness Artist, Penny Meletlidis

Today on the podcast we have the amazing Penny Meletlidis!

Penny is one talented Graphic Designer and once the pandemic began, her Invitation business unfortunately temporarily took a hit so she started to grow her Personal /Group Training Business.

Penny is an artist by nature. She has been running her own graphic design business, designing custom invitations for events and also designing marketing collateral and business logos for over a decade!

Just before the pandemic, she had also become a Fitness Trainer and has been teaching classes at a small barre studio as well as at a boxing studio.

During the pandemic, her design business suffered and she depended on the fitness classes to not only help with bringing in a paycheck but more importantly helped keep her sane!

"As time went on and events were slowly kicking back in, I realized how much I loved and missed designing invitations. So, I decided that I can do all the things! And, with the help of Jackie and NEXT on SCENE, I claimed my spot as a Fitness Artist, where I now help several clients with their custom design needs but also train them in the gym AND in the kitchen!"

Today on the podcast we discuss the idea of moms diving back in to their pre-pregnancy bodies so quickly is becoming absurd!

Misinformation on social media has warped the expectation of what a mother's body should look like, and Penny is here to assure you that as long as you're healthy, you should love your body and be happy with who you are today!

With her amazing analogies on our episode she shares the ongoing inspiration of how "we are always growing and evolving. Strength starts from within. Mental health is much more important; working on the mind takes priority over physical strength."

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