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Right now people are trying all sorts of fad diets. It really can be simple with a few tricks.

Today on the podcast we have the inspiring Fitness and Health Coach Lauren Martin!

Lauren helps people find their FIRE through strength, conditioning and nutrition so that they can build inner strength and confidence to better their life in every aspect!

Lauren comes from a background of fitness since a young age. From Gymnastics to D1 Swimming in College , Lauren has DONE IT ALL :)

Prior to COVID, Lauren was Personal Training and Part Owner at a very popular Gym in Downtown Boston.

When the pandemic hit, her whole career as many people in the fitness world had to change how often they see their clients and change their formats of their business.

Low and behold, Lauren Martin Fit Virtually was born!

From scratch, this rockstar mom and entrepreneur launched her own website and app where her clients could download workouts, nutrition tips and tricks all at their convenience from their homes.

This year to date, Lauren has hundreds of clients from all over on her app, personal trains 30 clients a week. teaches group classes and has written and still writing several books !!

Talk about INSPIRING?!

Ready to learn more! Tune in here to learn more about this awesome rockstar: