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Dirrane Sisters' Taking Over the Mortgage Industry. Meet Co-Founder, Kate Dirrane!

Today on the podcast we have an amazing loan officer and co-founder of Dirrane Team Lending, Kate Dirrane!

Before creating an extremely successful and growing company with her sister Alex, Kate worked for a private mortgage agency. While she enjoyed her work there, Kate began to look ahead to the future and realized that she wanted to do something a bit different- help more people and families and make a bigger impact on their lives. Kate's father and uncle were in the mortgage world as well so Kate and her sister are in good company!

Kate and Alex, founders of Dirrane Team Lending, are taking over the mortgage industry. Not only do they help people find their future homes, but they do it efficiently and most importantly, the right way.

According to Kate in the NEXTonSCENE Podcast, buying a home is such an emotional and life-changing process- it is important to take the time necessary to get it done right. And that is exactly what Dirrane Team Lending does!

Today on the podcast we discuss all about Kate's journey to becoming a successful loan officer, along with various eye-opening tips and facts along with the process that the Dirrane sister's take to ensure that you are purchasing the best possible home for your budget/financial circumstances.

Hearing Kate speak all about being a loan officer and the home-buying process will make you feel excited about potentially purchasing a home while feeling more at ease regarding this process.

While their corporate headquarters are based in Boston, the Dirrane sisters are licensed in Connecticut, Rhode island, New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, North Carolina as well as Massachusetts!

The information Kate relays during this podcast is truly inspiring!

Kate, along with her sister Alex, no doubt know the ins and outs to home-buying. The Dirrane sisters are amazing!

Aren't you ready to learn more?!

Tune in HERE and now to get inspired!


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