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STEM Education, Parenting and Dr. Seuss getting Cancelled!

Today on the podcast we have the inspiringly talented, Emma Jean!

Emma Jean is a BEST Selling Children's Author now almost launching her THIRD BOOK!

On the the podcast, we talk all about her background as a licensed school counselor and traveling abroad living in several different third world countries!

So what inspired Emma Jean to become a children's author?

"Well, you always want to read about books you couldn't find when you were a kid. That is how Sleeping Beauty & The Cursed Code came about."

Emma shares she was more of a tom boy growing up and I as much as she loved princess's, she wanted to also see girls be able to take a stance in more male dominant roles without judgement.

We also discuss the cancelling of Dr. Seuss, what goes into writing a book and her latest academy she is launching!

Ready to get inspired by this rockstar?!

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Emma Jean also wants to offer: 25% off her Children’s Author Academy

ultimate author or reader experience to anyone that mention nextonscene at the launch

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