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The portrayal/stereotypes of women in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Have you met Personal Transformation Consultant and buster of the myths that accompany the different chapters of women's lives....Diane Amelia Read?!

Talk about an inspiring woman who is taking off her FIRST online course !

Diane is creating your 2021 personal transformation through her ULTIMATE tool box including: Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and Financial Freedom!

Diane embraces being in her 60's so gracefully and is INSPIRING so many women to do the same!

Today on the podcast we chat about what inspired her to start her own entrepreneurial journey, her newest digital course and so much more!

Fun Facts about Diane:

- I fail often. It's how I move toward success.

- I talk to myself out loud. A lot. Even more after a cocktail.

- Before I had a husband I had a wife.

- I truly love teaching, advising, mentoring, coaching & ass-kicking!

- I cry mighty tears of joy when the people I work with achieve their dreams, big and small.

- It is my firm belief that popcorn is a food group unto itself.

- I changed my middle name to Amelia and it comes with a great story.

How fun is she?! We also get inspired with how to create modified moves for those who can't do squats and or run/jump !

Who is ready to get inspired by this amazing woman?


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