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The Return of the Platform Heel

This week we are so excited because we have the Founder and Designer behind Kkira Feet Shoes, Mauryn Kkira!

"Mauryn is your trusted guide toward discovering and developing your unique personal style or desired life experience."

Originally from Uganda and NOT ever thinking one day she would be a designer, Mauryn moved to the United States when she was 19 and full of BIG dreams!!!

While in her second year of college, and an extremely excited pre-med student, her family experienced a series of unfortunate events that led to financial hardship, and needless to say the direction of her life changed dramatically.

Talk about inspiring: In an effort to manage a difficult situation, Mauryn chose to stop college and instead opted to take a certificate course (it was literally all she could afford), got a job as a clinical assistant, and became the breadwinner for herself and her family.

While she can honestly say she has accomplished some awesome things in her life, her greatest accomplishment to date is that she managed to take care of all of her family, 2 adults, 4 siblings, 1 niece, 1 nephew, and myself until everyone was all able to stand on their own two feet.

One of her proudest moments was putting her youngest brother through school all the way to University!

Is this woman amazing or what?!!!

On the podcast we learn more about Mauryn's amazing inspirations, her thoughts on the Platform HEEL coming back in style, how she became a shoe designer , some of the amazing acknowledgements and experiences she has gotten and SO much more!

Tune in NOW to get inspired:


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